Our Vision
"Empowered and growing in Christ in a caring loving church family”
Our Mission
“Committed to nurturing our members for excellence in worship, service and discipleship be creating, mobilizing resources and harnessing members talents.”
Our Motto
Empowered for His Service


  • Inception

    Karengata Seventh-day Adventist Church started off in 1994 as a prayer cell of the New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church, Central Kenya Conference. Known as Langata Prayer Cell, it began with a number of families who congregated in their homes, especially for Friday vespers and for potluck lunches at Uhuru / Central Park on Sabbath days. It became quite active and soon the need to organize as a Sabbath School became apparent. The Personal Ministries department of New Life Church (1998-1999) proposed to the Church Board to organize four new Sabbath Schools in the four principal areas from which the church drew its membership. These were Nairobi South (Langata Road area), Nairobi East (Jogoo Road area), Nairobi West (Ngong Road area) and Nairobi North (Thika Road); which eventually became the present-day Karengata, Nairobi East, New Life Satellite and Zimmerman SDA Churches.

  • The Sabbath School

    Karengata became a Sabbath School in June 1999 through the direction of Pastor Eric Mokua, who encouraged the members of the prayer cell to form themselves into a Sabbath School. The Pastor also directed the formation of the other three Sabbath Schools in the areas aforementioned. He went ahead and designated, through the Church Board, the initial church workers for Karengata Sabbath School who included Akunga Momanyi and Samson Getui as Elders, John Ondari and Henry Nyabuto as Deacons, among others. Uhuru Gardens Primary School off Langata Road was chosen as the first home of the young congregation and the first worship service as a Sabbath School took place on the 4th June 1999. There were about 30 members together with their children. The numbers steadily rose as more people joined the fellowship.

    A year later the Sabbath School had attracted sufficient numbers to be organized as a church. The request was formally made to and approved by the Church Board at New Life. The church in turn made a request to Central Kenya Conference for organization as a church, and was given the requirements that needed to be met: membership of at least 25 persons, a proposed name for the church and venue of worship, among others. The members of the Sabbath School, after prayerful consideration and discussion between August – September 2000, chose the name ‘Karengata SDA Church’. This was to reflect the geographical location of the church in the Karen and Langata areas hence the abbreviation “Karengata”.

    Having met the requirements by CKC, the need for an organized church choir became apparent in the run up to the organization of the church. In September of that year the Choir was formed, comprising virtually all the members of the congregation!

    On a sunny Sabbath 7th October 2000, under tents spread out in the playground of Uhuru Gardens Primary School, Karengata SDA Church was born. Pastor John Macharia, then CKC Executive Secretary, was on hand to officiate the ceremony. He presented the instruments of self-governance to the new Church which included the Certificate of Organization, Church Register, Treasurer’s books among others to the nucleus members - Elder Samson Getui (Member No. 1), Sis. Selina Ochola and Elder Akunga Momanyi. The other initial members presented themselves as the Spirit moved and the same were registered as members of the Church. These came to a total of 32 on that day. By the end of the first year the membership had doubled to 62, with 12 joining by baptism and 18 by transfer.

    The Church has grown exponentially and has to date had a membership of over 800 members since inception. Over 500 have joined through baptism, over 300 by transfer and by profession of faith. Current membership now stands 757. Sadly, we have also lost some members through death; but others have transferred to other churches where they continue to be nurtured.

    The children who started off the church are now adults, some with families of their own. That means some of the founder parents are now grandparents. With a population of about 200 children aged below 15 years, the church indeed is expected to grow even much more in the coming years. We praise God for His goodness which is beyond measure.

  • Key Milestones

    2020 – Corona Virus pandemic affects the whole world. KSDA takes services online on the youtube and facebook channels (.../karengatasda)

    2019 – Roof is installed on the new sanctuary completing the superstructure.

    2016 – Oasis SDA Church is enjoined under Karengata Church District.

    2016 – Construction of new sanctuary at Karengata resumes after a a one year break. The designs were revised during this break.

    2016 – Construction of sanctuary at Torosei begins.

    2015 – A strip of church land is acquired by the government towards Langata Road expansion.

    2013 – Groundbreaking in October for the new sanctuary.

    2012 – Karengata SDA Church is organized as a Church District.

    2010 – Plans to build new sanctuary finalized / fundraising begins in earnest; Training programs for Lay Workers in Torosei area.

    2009 – Baptism of first Karengata members of Torosei Sabbath schools, 27 people were baptized.

    2008 – Family life crusade is held in May with Pr. Alanzo Smith, First solo Campmeeting held in our own grounds;   Mission work commences in Maasai country in Torosei area (Osero-Oshal and Magatai Sabbath Schools launched) nearly 200 kilometres away.

    2007– August; Hosted second District (Nairobi South) Joint Campmeeting

    2006 – August; Hosted first District (Nairobi South) joint campmeeting

    2006 – May; First crusade held at the new church grounds, Pst. Michael Kuyenga was chief speaker

    2005 – Launch of Strategic Planning Committee to spearhead the development of a Strategic Plan; Fourth quarter; launched “Strategic Plan” becoming the first church in the East-Central Africa Division to do so.

    2004 – March 6th ; The first Sabbath worship service in the present site.

    2003 – December; Ground breaking for construction of present church building. Pst. Nyarangi (EAU Church Development and Stewardship Director); Construction begins in earnest.

    2003 – November; Title deed is issued for the church property

    2003 – May; Fundraising walk is organized

    2003 – February; Contracted to purchase the present site, Fundraising begins in earnest.

    2003 – Transferred to the Nairobi South District from New Life District.

    2002 – November; Located the present site purely by Divine Providence

    2001 – Located land along Forest Edge road but which turned out to be a forest reserve

    2001 – Search for new home begins and fundraising efforts begin.

    2000 – December; First Baptism held at University of Nairobi pool

    2000 – October 7, Formal organization

    1999 – June 4, First meeting as a Sabbath School

  • Leadership - Pastors

    2020         Pr. Stanley Muchoki (Karengata District)

    2019         Pr. Stanley Muchoki & Pr. Collins Oyamo (Karengata District)

    2018         Pr. Stanley Muchoki & Pr. Willis Angima Obegi (Karengata District)

    2017         Pr. Jean Pierre Kiprotich Maiywa & Pr. Willis Angima Obegi (Karengata District)

    2016         Pr. Jean Pierre Kiprotich Maiywa & Pr. Steve Bundi (Karengata District)

    2013         Pr. John Okemwa & Pr. Steve Bundi (Karengata District)

    2012         Pr. John Okemwa (Karengata District)

    2010         Pr. John Macharia & Pr. John Okemwa (Nairobi South)

    2010         Pr. Jacob Akali & Pr. John Okemwa 2010 (Nairobi South)

    2009         Pr. Alex Ambuchi & Pr. John Okemwa (Nairobi South)

    2008         Pr. Alex Ambuchi & Pr. David Odhiambo (Nairobi South)

    2006         Pr. Alex Ambuchi (Nairobi South)

    2003         Pr. Geoffrey Wanyoike (Nairobi South)

    2003         Pr. Peter Ndeto (Nairobi South)

    2001         Pr. Francis Kariuki (Karengata/Nbi East/Satellite/Zimmerman)

    2001         Pr. Francis Kariuki / Pr. Jean Pierre Maywa (New Life (Railways)

    2001         Pr. Alex Ambuchi & Pr. Jean Pierre Maywa (New Life (Polytechnic)

    2000         Pr. Eric Mokua & Pr. J.P. Maiywa (New Life (Polytechnic)

    1999         Pr. Eric Mokua (New Life (City Hall)

  • Leadership - Head Elders

    2019 – 2020     Elder Moses Nyang'iye

    2017 – 2018     Elder Moses Nyang'iye

    2015 – 2016     Elder Hezekiah Chepkwony

    2013 – 2014     Elder John Nyakawa Ondari

    2011 – 2012     Elder Ezra Anyango Odondi

    2009 – 2010     Elder Akunga Momanyi

    2007 – 2008     Elder Barcley Onyambu

    2005 – 2006     Elder Chris Oanda  

    2003 – 2004     Elder Zadock Olang 

    2001 – 2002     Elder Samson Getui 

    1999 – 2000     Elder Akunga Momanyi

  • Leadership - Elders

    Serving Elders: 2019 – 2020

    Moses Nyang'iye [Head Elder]

    Aloys Bosire Atisa [Deputy Head Elder]

    Barcley Onyambu [Deputy Head Elder]

    Isaac Kuloba [Deputy Head Elder]

    Akunga Momanyi

    Alfred Opere

    Brian Mogaka

    Charles Nyaranga

    Charles Onsongo

    Chris Oanda

    Ezra Odondi

    Hannington Mnjama

    Harry Owino

    Hezekiah Chepkwony

    Hezron Osano

    Joseph Mitito

    Makori Momanyi

    Moses Moywaywa

    Obed Nyambego

    Patrick Nyabicha

    Reuben Mayienda

    Sila Kipkoech

    Tom Ngeri

    Zadock Olang