Vacation Bible School (VBS)

To reach children through an effective in reach and outreach program to enable them discover and experience God as well as grow their faith

Program Description:
A spirit filled one week long program during which children (6-15 yrs) experience God in creative ways through bible stories, crafts, games, music and other relevant activities. Children are encouraged to invite their friends and children from the community. A new Bible point is introduced and reinforced each day with a fun-filled theme. Because of the hands on instructional approach, children retain what they learn for years to come.

Margaret Osiemo,
Eunice Omwenga,
Mukami Mbogo,
Godfrey Sang,
George Mogambi,
Claire Mogambi,
Sharon Michoma,
Samson Manwa

VBS Dates:  
April 13th - 18th 2015, and
Dec  07th - 12th 2015

April Theme: "Serengeti Trek - where kids are wild about God"

December Theme: The Remnant in The Jungle

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